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I met John on our house construction project. He is a master framer and carpenter.. We were looking at the heavy blackberry growth along approximately 1,200 feet of our property boundary. I had cleared about 400 feet over the past 4 months with my tractor with a mower. John showed me a video of his skid steer with the masticator on the front and I was sold. He came at 7:30 in the morning and by 4:30 p.m., all the blackberries were cleared, the berries were mulch on the ground and he had freed the fruit trees that were smothered by the blackberries. John provides a truly custom job as he treated our land like it was his own and was able to clear right to the fence and right up to the trees in the blackberries. He is a master with that machine. His work was EXCELLENT VALUE. He completed in a day what would have taken me another two months to clear and it would not have been as well done. If you have any blackberries or brush in an area and you want it cleared (or opened up to take out non natives and improve habitat), I highly recommend John and his machine. You will be amazed at his skill, the capabilities of his machine and the care he takes when clearing near fences and trees. Thanks so much.

~ Ken and Paula Hale

Independence, Oregon

This past weekend, John Knebes, owner of Carbide Landclear, made remarkable progress in helping me realize a 20+ year vision for about three acres of woodlands that were suffocating from an overgrowth of blackberries, scrub brush and other undesirable invasive vegetation. As John maneuvered his impressive skid steer mulcher that he wielded as handily as does an artist his paint brush, I sensed a collective sigh of relief from the several fir and white oak trees that had made the area their home for the past hundred or more years. As I watched John from a distance, I remarked to myself that I was witnessing a person who really loves what he is doing and cares as much about his client’s property as he does his own. I highly recommend John for your land clearing, and related excavation, needs.

~ Ken Ryder

Salem, Oregon

John was a tremendous help with several projects involving a mother-in-law addition and preparing for our sons wedding at our property. Projects included: regrading and graveling our driveway, constructing an interlocking block enclosure for a propane tank, creating rock wall planters, building retaining walls and grading slopes in the backyard, reconstructing an access road on one side of our property. John has great design ideas, attention to detail, and made sure his work met or exceeded our expectations. Great company to work with.

~ Ken and Mary Feetham

Salem, Oregon